Creative Workshops

Little Patchwork Blanket

3 hours
If you have never used a sewing machine or you have forgotten so much that you can't get going again then these workshops are for you. You will learn the basics of using a domestic sewing machine and go home with your finished item... and the know-how! We do recommend you bring your own sewing machine, as it is better for you to learn on your machine so you know what to do when you get home but it is not a problem if you don't, as we do have machines at the studio you can use.

You will need to bring some fabrics for the front of your blanket, it will be made up of 9 squares so you could bring 9 different scraps of fabric or only a choice of 2, entirely depending on you. The minimum size per square is 40 x 40cm (if you are using scraps, but no need to cut any of your fabric in advance) and light to medium weight cotton works best. Most fabric shops will sell an assortment of fat quarters for patchwork, these are ideal if you wish to have quite a selection of fabrics. You will also need a roll of sewing machine thread (white or cream will work well) and an appetite for cake. :-)

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